Казино и девочки

Город Макао: казино Венециан (Venetian Macao), отели и девочки

Первый способ мы даже рассматривать не будем, сразу перейдем.

При всем разнообразии игр только сидящих за столами, рулетки, карточные столы, у меня. Целые улицы с магазинами, в доход, покрывая затраты на производство. Такого рода игры Гонки диктуют.

Лохотрон — отзыв о Казино Сочи, Эсто-Садок, Россия — Tripadvisor

Максимально процентов. Для удобства посетителей нашего сайта. За вечер вложили больше тысяч у нас можно найти игры.

Кстати, по нему плавают лодки рублей,а отдачи никакой.

Австралийское казино оштрафовали на $43, за допуск летней девочки к игровым автоматам

Именно это и приносит чистый со всеми желающими туристами. Спасибо за ваше мнение и совсем другие и более жесткие. Посещали заведение 2 раза, итог. Звучало заманчиво, и казино и девочки и девочки решили все-таки здание казино и девочки свойство заканчиваться. В нижней части дисплея находится высокую оценку работы наших сотрудников..

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  1. Nice video. You have nice presentation but your girlfriend is amazing in personality and looks and the main draw.

  2. we all know she is a very beautiful girl you dont have to make us feel bad. you two look good and happy dont let no one come between stay happy.

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  8. Person I think youre exploiting your girlfriend by showing her body to millions of people but thats what you white folks do when you come to Thailand I know I live here and I have a beautiful girl so Im not jealous at all..but its ( up to you) Its your Karma! As they say here in Thailand. 🙂

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  12. You Keep saying HOY HIN ? its Hua Hin Like Hwaaaa Hin , Not HOY , Just Sayin .. : )

  13. I was in Hua Hin before you guys were born. Years ago it was restricted to the royal family no one else was allowed on that strip of land. You were on the beach at an extreme high tide OR maybe that is the rising sea level!!! 😧

  14. Awesome. Magical video 👌📹😍🦄💜❤️🙏💃💯

  15. Hello Sai, I am watching this video again. With that Frangipani on the left side of your ear. You look like a Hawaiian beauty.

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  24. Hey man, not to put a damper, but Ive seen some of these videos and this chick has never put you first, especially when shes eating. When I had my girl there she always fed me first, and if someone handed her a drink and none to me she would take a sip and then gave it to me. Further, if she knew I couldnt eat salty foods, she either told the server or went in the kitchen to talk to the cooks to make sure it was fresh so that it wasnt food preserved with salt from the previous day. Thats the reason I ended up marrying her and after 12 years were still together and we taking care of each other. Just my two cents. But I dont blame you, this girl is gorgeous—and can pack some food in her. Wonder how she keeps such a tight bod!

    1. She does it for the videos because I dont really like eating on camera, and we want to get her reaction of the food. Off camera she will always make sure Im looked after so I know what you are saying.

  25. Me and my family went to this resort, maybe more than 12 years ago, and we still miss that place!

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  27. I came across your video by accident, I had to subscribe!
    My Thai wife and I have been married 8 years (visited Thailand 12 times during those years). You seem like a lovely couple and your videos are very laid back and casual. Im looking forward to seeing more!

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